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by police during a street festival and why they say they were forced to shoot. and special teams led the way against the cowboys last night but it was a late penalty that sealed the victory. we have more on the win that had fans anxious until the very end. fox 5 morning news starts right now. let's take a look outside. look at the fog continuing to roll in over northwest washington. we said this would happen and sticking true to tucker's forecast, it is monday morning september 13th, 7:00. good morning and thanks for being with us, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. a lot of redskins fans will be going on little sleep this morning after a nail-biting win against the cowboys. it came down to the final play. it looked like things were tied up with no time on the clock. but hold on. there was a holding penalty on dallas. the play was wiped out and the redskins were handed a victory.
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i don't like how that sounds -- handed a victory. the guy shouldn't have pulled him like that. dave ross will join us coming up in just a few minutes. >> we'll take the victory. >> exactly. a lot of people sleepy eyed because of the game. >> and the vma's. >> a lot of people will enjoy that. tucker that looked ominous with the fog rolling in. >> visibility less than a quarter mile. we have a dense fog advisory to the west until 9:00 this morning. i'll show you the maps and we'll talk about a nice looking monday. as we get into the afternoon. but a dense fog advisory until 9:00. all of the counties in gray. so not the district, even though we're getting fog here, out to the west is where the worst of it is where visibility is a quarter of a mile. a lot of wind around here yesterday and that's what
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causes the development of the fog. let's talk temperatures. nice cool start. might need a jacket out there. here in town 64 degrees, humidity 84%. the winds are light out of the north at 0 miles per hour. our pressure is on the rise. the morning fog but by this afternoon warmer temperatures with highs in the low to mid- 80s. so 10-degree warmer than yesterday. more details on the forecast and the workweek ahead coming up in a few minutes. let's get to giuliani jewel -- julie wright with our traffic. delays around the accident still in place southbound 95 here in lorton tieing up the two right lanes. southbound, we have delays beginning well before 7100 out of newington, headed toward the accident scene. northbound 95, lanes are open, slowing out of dale city through woodbridge and again at the springfield interchange. a change in the traffic pattern
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at 14th street bridge. all traffic shifting over to the right at the potomac. that's the change in the traffic. yes, you can still make the left-hand exit toward the memorial bridge but once you commit to the bridge you are to the right. and traveling south of 109 in germantown and delays leaving rockville toward the split. no incidents to report here. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our top story today, rewards for voters who hit the polls early. it's stirring up new controversy in the d.c. mayor race. the estranged wife of marion barry is claiming responsibility for rewarding voters with gift cards. this is the candidate set out for the last day of campaigning. stacy cohan has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. and this proves to be a hard- fought contest to the very end between mayor fenty and vincent
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gray who has been fighting the good fight and apparently leading in the poll over the last several weeks. we'll see what happens when the voting ends tomorrow. today is the final day of early voting. and if you would like to come down here to the board of elections you can do so and get in the vote for what is probably going to be a decent turnout tomorrow. what you were talking about with core masters, that was a controversy stirred up after a fenty campaign worker made some claims that the gray campaign was handing out video cards. there were allegations that the gift cards were being used as a bribe, if you will, to encourage people to get out and early vote for mr. gray. that is being totally disclaimed. both candidates are telling us they have nothing to do with this latest controversy. >> this has been an unusual campaign, to say the least.
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let me say again, i certainly don't condone this. you go out and try to influence people in terms of your agenda. >> campaigns have issues that come up like this. i'm glad that the board of elections and the united states attorney are investigating it and i think that's the proper thing for them to do. i'm going to spend the last 48 hours of the campaign talking to voters about everything we've accomplished and how that makes me the best candidate to do so again for the next four years. >> reporter: and thest stranges wife of marion barry is saying she was handing out the gift cards, doing it as a get out the vote message and not in support for either campaign. in other case there are about 48 hours left to decide the case. i was talking to a campaign worker out here who told me he hasn't seen his family in weeks because he's working so hard. so i think everybody is excited to get this wrapped up and see
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would wins this case. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> fox 5 and, your home for the d.c. race for mayor. head to the home page for the polling and you can watch debates between mayor and gray. it's only a click away. and now the democratic primary for prince george's county executive will pick a new leader in prince george's county as jack johnson is stepping down due to erm limits. he has publicly endorsed sheriff michael jackson yesterday, coming on the same day that the washington post endorsed sharon brakier, his opponent. three others are running for the county position. the polls are open tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. a shooting in fairfax county overnight is now a homicide investigation. police first got a call of a home invasion just after 10:00 and there was a break-in at the
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home on field master drive in springfield. but they now say there was no robbery. detectives do not think the attack was random. the hunt is still on for a murder suspect who escaped police custody in maryland. police believe paul palmer left baltimore and headed for d.c. or west virginia on friday. he may be traveling with a woman in a 2008 sill very kia spectra with maryland tag number 1 ewb 10. the vehicle is using a spare tire in place of a missing tire. and it was high drama at the adams morgan day. a police officer shot and killed a dog. sarah simmons joins us with the details. >> reporter: it started when two dogs got into a fight in a crowded street. a pit bull attacked a poodle on 18th street yesterday afternoon. bystanders tried to separate them but both dogs reportedly bit at least one person.
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eventually a police officer stepped in, threw the pit bull down some stairs, reportedly, and shot it. >> two dogs were passing by and suddenly they jump up on each other and they were fighting. >> the officer is a canine officer. so that's probably as good as you can get in someone knowing about dogs. two, the dog was posing a significant threat. >> reporter: the mayor said when the dog was shot it was not near any people. there is conflicting reports on who pulled the trigger. the officer is said to first try using a choking technique to render the dog unconscious. >> sarah, thank you so much. bres obama will be in -- president obama will be in fairfax today before hosting a discussion on the economy. congress returns from vacation this week and republicans may have found some common ground with the president.
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let's get an update from doug luzader on capitol hill. >> reporter: the white house is skeptical but this but the top republican in the house says he may go along with the president's tax plan. you don't have to look far to see the anti-tax anger out there. and congress will soon have to decide whether to extend the bush era tax cuts for everyone, or support the president's plan to allow them to expire for top earners. now the highest ranking republican in the house, john boehner said if pushed, they'll go along with the president. >> if the only option i have is the vote for some of the tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all of the current rates for all americans. if we want to get our economy going again and get jobs in america. >> reporter: republicans have maintained that taxes on the wealth will put businesses off hiring new workers but the
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white house said the price is too high and the white house top economic advisor looked like a boehner confession. >> if he is truly saying, as the president said, get a broad consensus to extend the middle class tax cuts, we should do it. >> reporter: but it could unsettle the white house. >> there were no new policies for mr. boehner. >> reporter: the president has been trying to vilify boehner who stands to be the next speaker of the house if the republicans win the election. and that could force a change of strategy. and even some democrats believe these tax cuts ought to apply to everyone. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. and coming up, more from the redskins big win last night over the cowboys. it was the defense that got the lone touchdown of the game for the redskins but that's all that matters. they only needed one. and the recovery fumble in the
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first half is a difference. we'll have more coming up. and the florida pastor did not mark the anniversary of 9/11 with koran building. but there were other protests around the country. some say it was fueled by the media. so we'll take a closer look coming up. and a live look outside as we head to break looking at foggy conditions and heavy traffic there on 270. we'll check in with julie and tucker coming up after the break.
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california residents are getting an up-close look to the damage to their homes after the deadly gas explosion in san bruno. four people were killed in the blast and several do remain
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unaccounted for. investigators have packed up a 28-foot section of a ruptured gas line, a natural gas pipeline that is being shipped to a lab here in the district for inspection. and in colorado a second wildfire. one home has been destroyed and forcing many to evacuate. firefighters fighting the fire in boulder being diverted to this fire in loveland. the boulder fire is almost fully contained this morning. we'll check in with tucker barnes this morning. we had a lot of fog this morning. >> dense fog advisory this morning until 9:00 this morning. and we have the fog development out there with cool temperatures but it will burn off and be a beautiful day. i know it doesn't look like it now but 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and back into the 80s. out to the west, the fog advisory does include the city
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of washington or baltimore but out to the west from hagerstown down into virginia until 9:00 a.m. we have widespread reports of visibility a quarter mile or less in some spots. could be a slow go out to the west of town. let's take a look at the fashional scene and here in washington, comfortable start. 64 in the city. but 50s off to the west. and you can see most of the country seasonal for this time of year. all the way out to california, los angeles about 60 degrees. in dallas, where they are suffering a loss, 98. and in miami 78 degrees. looking at the country here, most of the united states is very quiet. we mentioned the tropics, very active. we'll look at that in a minute. but most of the country very quiet weather. nothing but a few showers across portions of new mexico and arizona. other than that we're looking at a great forecast this entire week, featuring bright sunshine
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and temperatures in the comfortable range, upper 70s and low 80s. so save money on conditioning and heating this time of year. >> i do love that. tucker, thank you. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic now. hi, julie. >> let's talk about a change on the northbound side of # 95 at the 14th street bridge. that's where there is a change in the traffic pattern this morning. you'll find traffic has been moved over to the right. so as you travel northbound leaving the pentagon and you try to commit to the change and the bridge, you'll be shifted to the right, that far left lane is now behind a jersey wall to the top left side of your screen. as you can clearly see, you can make the exit to the gw parkway and the memorial bridge. no problems there. but the changes occurred on the bridge and traffic shifted to the right as you continue to the southeast-southwest freeway. and delays heading up to lorton and slow traffic on seminary road to duke street on 395. updating your ride elsewhere. traveling southond 95, the remains of the accident tieing up the right side of the road.
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delays are beginning back near springfield headed southbound. the rubbernecking slowing out of woodbridge. top side of the bridge at university boulevard, not bad on outer loop. southbound 95 traffic slowing at 216 to 198 and again at the baltimore. 270 is on the brakes out of hyattstown. slow traffic at germantown and through the rockville interchanges. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the pressure, they nearly got him and he hits williamson and there's a flag down at the 20-yard line. there is a marker down at the line and williams doesn't know. >> who cares about that, a costly holding penalty wiped out what would have been the game-tieing touchdown for the cowboys and gave the redskins a win over division rivals. joining me, our monday morning
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quarterback dave ross. >> good morning, steve. an incredible way to end the game. i don't know that i've seen a game decided on a penalty where the team would have scored. >> and the redskins were like we're out of here before they change their mind. >> a lot of cowboy fans call that, saying that was home cooking. >> better than the situation for the lions game. >> but if you look at the play closely, i don't think alex barron had to hold. >> let's be clear. they had to call that. >> you have to call the holding, but he probably didn't need to do that because romo proved he's shifty enough to get out of the pocket and they couldn't get to him all day and roy williams was wide open. here is the play again. he steps up in the pocket as romo is throwing and there was a blown coverage and looking at the replay, it is a hold, a mma
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choke hold put on by orakpo. you have to call that. but i don't think he would have gotten to romo and the cowboys would have won the game. but orakpo is so crafty. they put him on the left and right side and that's where they had the biggest advantage against alex barron who was filling in and that's the reason he's the most penalized player at offensive tackle and it cost the cowboys a game. you can't go through a season with those type of mistakes and those are the mistakes the redskins didn't make yesterday and they won the game. they found a way to win and in years past they would have found a way to lose. >> and i don't want to talk about it, the harping on it, it was a gift for the redskins the way it worked out. >> it was. it was a very curious coaching decision by the cowboys with only 3 seconds to go and no timeouts and there is no way they can possibly score on this minus a hail mary or a
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defensive pass interference to get the ball and kick a field goal. and deangelo hall didn't quit on the play. ripped the ball out of the hands of tashard choice, picks it up and runs it back. miraculous play, but the difference in the game. that 7 points, the redskins win by 6. that's the type of things. we talked to him at training camp this year and he said our defense is going to be a big- play defense and cause more turnovers and that's what they did and that's why they won the game last night. >> let's talk about the big defense as we talk about haynesworth. the big story before the game, finally got him in and he played relatively early, don't know about op but he got in there quite a bit. >> but he does what he does, which is the defensive team is huddling and you see albert on the right side by himself and sulking. this is the problem with albert haynesworth. when he plays he's effective. and when he doesn't play because they pulled him out and
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he's upset, he will go on his own island. you can't have that in team sport. after the game dave feldman tried to catch up with big al and here is what he had to say in the locker room. >> beating dallas, and they're a really good team. they have offensive power and some good coaches over there. >> how would you assess how you played? >> you know, i played okay. i made a few tackles and did what i was supposed to do. >> the only problem i have with that is he's insinuating is i did what i had to do, what i was told to do. he's not happy with the coaching staff and the correct answer is it doesn't matter how i played, it matters how the team played and the team won. he has to be part of the 53 man roster, not 52 and albert haynesworth. >> dave ross, thanks. we'll see you again later. due to a holiday shortened
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week, voting for fox 5 game of the weekends soon. here are your choices for this friday. pick one of the five, go to and vote. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, we're learning more about what is being done to help free an american hiker held in -- in iran for more than a year. and the crusade against al- qaeda has been one of the nation's top priority after the attack nine years ago. but one book says we're going after the terror organization the wrong way. we'll look at that coming up next as well.
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with diplomats making arrange. s to pay a half million dollars for an american hiker, officials say that sarah shore
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will be let go as a sign of compassion. she and two friends were accused of spying and have been jailed for more than a year now. they maintain they accidently crossed into iran during a hike. a fox 5 analyst has died. ronald walters passed away at the age of 72. he was remembered as a scholar at howard university and the university of maryland where he was a leading expert on race and politics. coming up on fox 5 morning news, much has been made about the plan, then canceled koran- burning protest. it sparked international outrage and even deadly violence overseas. we sea other koran-related protests across the country. but is the media to blame for the controversy becoming such a issue. we'll take a closer look at that issue coming up. and as we head to break, let's look at the tower cam. that's what tucker has been talking about all morning, it's harder and harder to see the
7:28 am
ground several hundred feet above wisconsin avenue. the fog is rolling in. we'll take a look after the weather and traffic with julie coming up.
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we're following a developing story concerning how
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some of you get around every day. about 100 drivers and mechanics who work for the bus system are on strike. they are picketing outside of the county public works building over working conditions, wages and job security. and word on my specific route -- no word on the specific routes effected at this time. >> we'll keep you posted. also taking a look outside. need some help to get around with the fog rolling in? >> particularly out to the west. visibility less than a mile. a quarter of a mile at the airport with a dense fog advisory here until 9:00. i'll show it to you on the map. after the fog, beautiful afternoon. yesterday kind of cool around here. a hint of fall. >> sure was. >> with temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. there is your fog advisory and again in effect until 9:00 this morning. and i mentioned visibility is a quarter of a mile or less.
7:32 am
down to an eighth of a mile at dulles and from hagerstown into north central virginia we're under that advisory. nice cool temperatures. check it out. 64 here in washington. 57 at dulles. 56 in martinsberg. fredericksberg has a temperature of 63 degrees. and 57 in leonardtown. how about salisbury, 63 degrees as well. satellite radar, very quiet conditions. have to look carefully to see the fog and low clouds. that will get out of here and high pressure out to west will move in. so a nice looking afternoon. in fact most of the week you'll feature bright sunshine and seasonal temperatures. upper 70s and low 80s. and not much chance for rain. that little bit of shower activity toward pittsburgh, a reinforced shot of drier air getting in here tonight but not bringing us any rain. and speaking of rain. this is trouble. this is hurricane igor. maximum winds 150 miles per hour, gusts to about 185.
7:33 am
you can see that firing on all cylinders. at last look down to 935 millibars. so still pushing off to the west at 17. still forecasted track off to the north and eventually forth and east and staying out to sea. that would be good news. but bermuda has to watch the progress of this hurricane very carefully over the next couple of days and off to the east we have a new tropical storm and winds there are 40 miles per hour. so a lot going on in the tropics. our forecast a good one. early fog and afternoon sun. 83 degrees, winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. so good looking today and for much of the week. tomorrow beautiful with 80 degrees and sunshine. wednesday 78 and thursday 80. and our next chance for shower activity will arrive on friday. a couple of showers in the forecast on friday afternoon, 81 degrees. let's get to some traffic with julie wright. talking about the fog we were looking at cameras and it's been difficult to use the cameras because of the fog.
7:34 am
live inbound on 66. and this is out of 7100, the fairfax county parkway. i went through the cameras courtesy of and it's very much the thick fog hindering things in manassas through centreville. i couldn't see any vehicles until i popped up this camera at 7100. so again, looking through the fog, the pace isn't bad here but don't be fooled. traffic will slow east of fair oaks to the capital beltway. same thing on 95. checking ott the springfield interchange down to lorton, again visibility is a problem there because of the fog. southbound 95, the wreck in lorton has cleared. delays beginning at the beltway. and slow from woodbridge to lorton and springfield on duke street to 395. north of town, leaving germantown, delays at father hurley to mva. and slow again through rockville and toward the split. the outer loop remains slow at 95 to georgia. 95 is on the brakes 216 to 198.
7:35 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. in the wake of the 9th anniversary of the september 11th attacks, people with weighing in on how safe we are to the plans of the mosque near ground zero. we get a recap from jane metzler. >> reporter: america pausing to mark nine years since the terror attacks of september 11th. amid discussion on how to confront continued threats of terror. >> we think it's very serious. >> reporter: normer new jersey governor tom cain who cochaired the 9/11 commission said the u.s. is getting better at fighting terror but facing a relentless enemy. >> they are plotting smaller attacks and using nontraditional people to do them. so the best nontraditional people they can get, frankly, are american citizens. >> reporter: there is still controversy stemming from the 9/11 attacks and recent terror
7:36 am
attempts. one source of contention is plans to build a mosque blocks away from ground zero. many charge it's disrespectful to victims while proponents cite the first amendment. the imam planning it said changing the plans could be a step back and anger extremists. >> it may enhance the possibility of terrorist attacks against america. >> reporter: former mayor of new york rudy giuliani said both opinions are protected by law but understands why some are upset. >> in any case, common sense and a dedication to healing that the mean of god would -- that the men of god would have because they would tell you, you'll hurt too many people. >> reporter: one minnesota lawmaker said tolerance can be key to fighting terror. >> reach out to a mosque, get to know people. >> reporter: ellison said tolerance is a powerful tool in
7:37 am
reducing anger. jane metzler, fox news. well he was unheard of a week ago but now the head of a small congressional in florida is known as the pastor who started a fire storm over the koran. the story grew and got more bizarre when the pastor terry jones canceled the planned bon fire and then backtracked on that. emams from new york and donald trump got attached to the story. so how did this become a hot- button issue and are the media to blame for turning a small town story into a international con flaggerration. and joining us, trying to get to the bottom of how this story of this pastor with this small congregation. good morning, thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. >> is it the media's fault?
7:38 am
>> i never blame the media. there is so many media. did certain moments in coverage exacerbate things? absolutely. the question becomes almost like the chicken and the egg. so what did come first, general patraeus speaking out about the danger this puts armed servicemen and women overseas in or just the fact that this sort of colorful character burst on the scene. when did we start to pay attention to the story, do you think? >> i don't think it's quite fair to say thing -- things burst on the scene because things started a month ago. a month ago terry tweetd it was international burn the koran day and he had a site that was not very well visited because i think my son has more friends on his site than terry jones did, and then that was picked up by some watchdog groups who
7:39 am
monitor hate speech and it didn't really become a global crisis until cnn picks it up and aired it internationally. even the domestic coverage really wasn't enough to spin it into the -- as you say the conflagration that we now know until it went overseas. >> the internet and all of its different branches, if you will, twitter and facebook, would this have just simered, but everybody is on the web so we saw the protest overseas as well. one would have put the cart in front of the horse if the controversy overseas got the attention but how big of a role did the internet play then? >> well the media is not just news and the times, it is about
7:40 am
the internet. all of us are part of the problem. i think what one could say is that the media -- that we need to monitor our own media. your previous story was calling for tolerance and i think we need to teach in addition to tolerance is we need to teach children and also adults media literacy. how to think skeptically about what they are hearing. whether they are hearing it on the cell phone as a tweet or on their facebook site or whether it is on fox news. >> does the media have a responsibility to compete, if you will? let's break it down to ratings and all of that. how big of a factor does that play into this? >> once it's out there, it's very hard for breaking news organizations to not cover it. there are clearly more responsible ways to cover it than not, adding context to it, giving background on mr. jones,
7:41 am
which we only heard late in the story about already the issues related to germany and how he had been a problem there. so i think more could have been done earlier, but i don't think you can say this was not a story that should have been covered. >> the power then to show his -- his character might have helped dim this a little, don't you think. >> it's bringing people like me and other experts in and not just airing him as a quick spot, but saying, what else is going on. >> before you let you go, you have extensive coverage in international affairs and the wars with media and all of that, and one thing that we all did hold our breath on was the real thought that service people could be put in harm's way because of this. was that ever a realistic threat for you? would that have led to immediate action overseas in your opinion? >> well of course we're already seeing it. there were -- three afghans were killed. i don't think you can say they were killed as a result of
7:42 am
this. there is a lot of anger in afghanistan and this was something they could latch on to. >> susan mueller is in the school of journalism and public policy at university of maryland. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up on fox 5 morning news, the crusade against al- qaeda has been one of the nation's top priorities since the september 11th attacks but a new book says we're going after the terror organization the wrong way. we'll take a closer look in the next hour. a couple of ticks away from 7:42. we'll be right back.
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more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. lindsey lohan just out of jail and rehab, now making an appearance at the vma's last night. she appeared in a skit for chelsea handler and in it they asked her if she had been drinking. >> hello chelsea. >> hey, lindsey. >> have you been drinking?
7:46 am
>> no. >> then why is your ankle bracelet going off? >> that means my table is ready at the cheesecake factory. >> wake up, handler, pull it together. do you think anybody wants to work with a drunk. take it from me, they don't. >> okay. you turned your life around, maybe i can too. >> that's the spirit, kid. now go get them. >> thanks freckles. >> so warm and fuzzy. you can see the skit online at >> that was the entire skit. there could be celebration, it is said that the prince will marry his long time girlfriend. so far no word from the royal family. i think that's the same newspaper that there were affairs and everything was off. >> congratulations. back to the lindsey lohan video, it's a wonder she hasn't won an academy award with that
7:47 am
acting. >> it was off the cuff. >> it was kind of funny. i like the freckles part. >> very good stuff. let's get to the maps and talk temperatures. we have fog out to the west. a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. >> they say she was talented in mean girls. >> that might be her best line of work other than herbie. >> mean girls 2. >> let's look at these temperatures. 64 degrees in washington. cooler off to the north and west. 50s outside of the beltway. might need a light jacket but late this afternoon you can shed that as we're in the low to mid-80s. so much warmer than yesterday. and 64 in new york and boston 96 degrees. high pressure out to the west is building in so there will be a gradual improvement today. i know we have low clouds out there and the fog now, but once that burns off, bright sunshine
7:48 am
this afternoon and in for a nice trend of weather. that beautiful september weather we wait for every year, it's arrived with highs each afternoon in the upper 70s and low 80s. overnight lows in the comfortable range, upper 50s and low 60s and good looking forecast the next couple daves. >> thanks, tuck. let's check in with julie and look at traffic. >> let's put up a camera for you here. what you're looking for southbound on i-95, i'll hold that up, that's the camera shot of 95 through the fog down toward lorton where earlier this morning there was an accident. now the accident has cleared, and a while back we could hardly see the traffic on 95 because of all of the fog that tucker has been talking about. so the fog is slowly getting out of here but again bumper-to- bumper slow and unusual delays southbound on i-95 working from the capital beltway toward lorton. northbound typical slowdowns working from the prince william parkway headed up to lorton. and again continuing to make that drive northbound from newington and springfield. we'll come back and talk about
7:49 am
what is else is going on. eastbound along route 7. for those from route 9 it's slow toward market street. accident there still tieing up the left lane. traveling from the west along 66, still dealing with the fog. no accidents to report between manassas and 7100. traffic however remains slow east of 50 fair oaks toward the capital beltway. the inner loop on the brakes leaving annandale to merrifield. outer loop of the beltway congested between 95 and georgia. southbound 95 slow between 216 and 198. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it's been nine years since the attacks of september 11th. >> so how prepared are you if an emergency situation were to happen today? coming up after the break, we'll check in with matt acland. matt is at the mcconnell public safety and transportation operations center in fairfax. 7:49. we'll be right back.
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well we're here working hard, our good friend holly is out in l.a. palling around with color -- coloris leach man. >> and betty white, do you see
7:53 am
a theme here. we're treasuring our holder people. >> i love it. good stuff. this past saturday we recognized the 9th anniversary of 9/11. >> today macacland is learning about emergency preparedness. matt, it's something we think about but are any of us ready. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. it's something that all of us thought about this past weekend on saturday, the 9th anniversary, as you were saying, of 9/11. a lot of people are thinking are we better prepared these days than we were nine years ago. and here in fairfax county, i want to show you the operations center. we're at the public safety and transportation operations senor here. everything that you can think of right downstairs there from v-dot, where there is snow emergencies, from 911 calls, police coverage, fire coverage, all happening right here. but what about that next event? if there is a wide-scale emergency there will be a need
7:54 am
for help, for volunteers. i want to introduce you to matt little with volunteer fairfax. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: a lot of people out there think, yeah, i would love to help if there is another big emergency but what am i qualified for and you say there is a lot of help people can provide. tell me about that. >> there is a bunch of organizations in the capital district that work in preparedness before emergencies. they range in a whole scope of different activities. if you're interested in medical- related emergencies or helping out with pets or people with disabilities, you can find a ton of organizations to help with. >> reporter: and it might be as simple as i have a four-wheel- drive vehicle or maybe i have some first aid training. because some people might be watching and saying i don't have a lot of skills to help but you say you could get some minor training and be a true help. >> the best way to get started is to think about a mission that is important to you or something you think you could offer during an emergency and
7:55 am
then go on the internet and look for a group that does that similar mission, you can do that on our website at and other websites and they'll provide you for the training and get familiar with the association we call affiliating and you can go and volunteer in a responsible and effective manner. >> reporter: if you go back nine years, do you feel like we're so much more prepared these days, when it comes from the aspect of volunteering and helping than we were nine years ago? >> well there is something special about humans or we are hard-wired to help out in an emergency. we don't think about it as much ahead of tbut we've seen people get out at a fender- bender on the side of the road and it's a part of who we are. i think we've had that nature and we're learning to organize the people and doing it safely and volunteering in a way that
7:56 am
is helpful, and complementing and not complicating. >> reporter: and if you want to find out, the day is today. don't wait until the emergency is on the way like a hurricane or it happens immediately. get it done now, right? >> absolutely. and not only as an individual, but as a government and as organizations were planning ahead of time. we have an exercise coming up on september 25th where we'll practice our plans on how we process volunteers during emergencies. so it will give us a chance to look back at all of our processes and make sure they make sense and they are efficient and getting people to where they need to be quickly and safety. so we have that on september 25th. it's a national capital region exercise so depending on whether you live in maryland or in virginia or in the district of columbia you can help out. >> reporter: matt little with volunteer fairfax. thank you so much. coming up, we're going to give you a tour of the operations center, including taking you into a special room if there is
7:57 am
a wide-scale emergency, everyone from public officials, police leaders, firefighters, they all get together in one area and coordinate the emergency. so they can help those folks who are on the ground, those first responders. we'll show you that room coming up in a little bit. back to you guys. >> it is really impressive, the things we take for granted sometimes. matt, thanks a lot. we'll see matt again soon. it is 7:57 on this monday morning. forget planning for their college. >> some financial experts say you need to start planning now for your kids' retirement. tips for how to do that. >> shouldn't we work on ours first. and then the author of revolt against al-qaeda said the u.s. is going about fighting al-qaeda all wrong. that's coming up after 8:00 as well.
7:58 am
7:59 am
is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances
8:00 am
for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive. well it's certainly the story folks are talking about this morning. the skins huge win over the dallas cowboys. but it came down to the last second. we have the highlights coming up. then one day to go until the d.c. primary and it appears
8:01 am
there are some answers after gift card controversy popped up over the weekend. plus we'll have more highlights from what allison watched last night, the mtv video music awards, while the rest of us watched football. >> i told you i switched back and forth. you missed the kanye west- taylor swift thing. >> i had to miss that because i was watching the redskins beat the cowboys. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. after a five week recess, members of the house and senate are back at work today and that will greet them. the fog out there. and tucker barnes is joining us. when is it going to leave us. >> especially in the west where the visibility is 9-10 miles. we'll have to wait until late morning. it will be beautiful this afternoon. hang in there. warmer with a lot of sunshine
8:02 am
later in afternoon. let's get to it. we'll talk -- oh, fog advisory. yes, sorry. a quarter mile or less. hagerstown down west of the city, down into north central virginia under a fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. at last look dulles international airport, visibility about an eighth of a mile, so there could be flight delays and a slow go on your commute. julie will have more of that in a minute. and we will get rid of the fog and we should have a bright afternoon with sunshine and lower temperatures. today low to mid-80s so it will feel out there, although later today. 64 degrees at reagan national, humidity 84%. winds are light. not much of any wind at all 0 mile-per-hour out of the west. and the forecast will get better here. about two-thirds of an inch of rain at area airports and today cloud cover and fog. you can't see it on satellite
8:03 am
radar but this is there and the high pressure will give us a couple of nice days, including this afternoon. 83, mostly sunny by the afternoon and winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. so good looking forecast. the five-day looks great and we'll have details on that in a couple of minutes. let's check in with julie and see if the fog is messing up the commute. >> it's not helping. traveling in on 66 leaving manassas, traffic is slowing between the two 234 interchanges and east of 7100 from fake oaks toward the beltway. inbound 7 at market street, the accident on the shoulder. delays from round hill road. reports of another accident southbound i-95 in newington, so heads up there leaving the capital beltway. it's still a crawl at this point continuing southbound working down toward lorton. northbound on the brakes from woodbridge across the occuquan and through springfield to 395. outer loop at river road. no accidents to report in the main line. main line still at speed. slow exit here as you make your way over just inside of the
8:04 am
beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we know you were watching the game last night while others chose other viewing pleasures. >> i was a flipper. >> just because you picked khania in the first round of your fantasy draft don't blame me. >> the skins beat big d. and what came down to a tale of two big plays. dave ross is here for monday morning quarterback. good morning. >> good morning. sometimes two plays is all it takes to make the difference in the entire ballgame. and while these two plays were dramatic, one in the first half, the other ended the entire game, we shall go in order. and we shall. while allison was flipping, this is what was happening at fedex field last night. this is three seconds to go in the first half. romo, where will you go, to tashard choice and watch deangelo hall. strips it and takes it and runs it back and flips it in. style points for 6, ending the
8:05 am
first half with a bang. 10-0 redskins at the half. and they won by 6. and they won by 6. and let's look at the end of the game. and this one really was the dagger. you thought for a second the cowboys would rally and pull this thing out and just rip the hearts out of redskins everywhere. and when game over and everybody is celebrating in big d. but wait a second, hold the phone. we have a hold. was it a hold? you bet ya. and there you saw the choke hold and mcnabb saying you have to throw the flag. they did. redskins get a huge win. after the game the coach and the hero deangelo hall talked about the win. >> it was a nice team win. as i told our players, i said sometimes the offense is going to play good and sometimes the defense and special teams, but at the end of the day you have to find a way to win. >> i've had some big plays in my career but i don't think
8:06 am
i've had that big play in a redskins uniform. so it felt good. real good. >> on sunday skins back at fedex field, 4:00 game against the texans. a couple of other quick points to point out, the cowboys had 12 penalties for 91 yards, the redskins only 5. the redskins did not have any turnovers, the cowboys had the one critical one. and finally, what do you think lebron james was doing? while you were flipping he was at the game and tweeted during the game that he didn't like the redskins uniforms that reminded him too much of the cleveland cavaliers uniforms. he's a huge cowboys fan. more reasons for the wizards fans to dislike lebron james. >> bring in miami. >> but i did not enjoy those brightly colored uniforms either. >> it's classic redskins. that's old-school. that's why bruce allen as the gm, he's bringing back the good old days for the redskins back when they used to win and i think that's what he was trying
8:07 am
to go back to. >> it reminded me of the florida seminoles. i didn't like it. >> i like the jerseys and pants. >> i'll be sure to tell bruce allen, you did not approve while you were flipping. >> but twon so maybe it's good luck. >> don't go to her for the next fashion advice because she'll be pulling things from the vma. >> lady gaga. >> i didn't bring it up. >> eight awards last night, that's all i'm saying. turning to the d.c. mayor race, this morning there are new claims about a effort to push early voting. >> the washington post reporting that cora masters barry, the estranged wife of marion barry is claiming responsibility for rewarding voters with gift cards. this is the candidate sent out for the last full day of campaigning. stacy cohan sorting it out. she joins us live from northwest now. >> reporter: i would say right now it is fenty-gray and it has been that way throughout the summer. we are in the final stretch.
8:08 am
today is the last day for early voting. to cast your ballot early, you need to come down here today. now this controversy that you are talking about is all about gift cards. now there is some undercover video shot. it was given to us by a member of the fenty campaign and it's on you tube and it shows some people selling gift cards or offering gift cards allegedly in exchange for votes. now the early contention was, by some in the fenty campaign, that this was a maneuver on the gray campaign side. both sides are vowing no connection to this controversy. >> this has been an unusual campaign to say the least. let me say again, i certainly don't condone vote buying. you go out and try to influence people in terms of your a -- agenda. >> i'm glad that the board of elections and united states attorney is investigating it. i'm going to spend the last 48 hours of the campaign talking
8:09 am
to voters about everything we've accomplished and how that makes me the best candidate to do so again for four more years. >> reporter: and the washington post newspaper is reporting that cora masters barry is claiming responsibility for this, saying she was offering the gift cards as an incentive to get out and vote. we spoke to somebody at the board of elections that said in no way is it okay to offer a form of compensation for a vote. that is a violation of the election law. in the articles she does compare it to having a cookout and seating people to encourage the vote. and we'll see how that breaks out. in the meantime, voting continues. we'll keep you updates. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. and outgoing candidate has made a endorsement of jackson. three others are running for the county executive position which johnson is vacating
8:10 am
because of term limits. the polls in maryland and in d.c. open at 7:00 tomorrow and will stay open until 8:00 tomorrow night. top house republican john baner -- joan boner sided with the plan for middle class tax relief. julie kurtz has the story. >> reporter: john boehner, the house republican leader, sounds for the first time like he sees an open for negotiations on tax cuts. less than two months before the mid terms he said he's willing to talk about a tax cut deal and willing to vote for a bill that would phase out the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, those families making more than $250,000 a year. >> if the only option i have is to vote for those of $250,000 and below, of course i'm going to do that. but i'm going to do everything i can to fight to extend the current tax rates for all americans. >> reporter: so boehner seemed to say what president obama did this week, that extending the
8:11 am
tax cut for middle class americans should be a starting point for debate on tax cuts. austin goolsbee said he welcomes boehner's new stance and goolsbee emphasizing that the very well-off in this country don't need a tax break but middle class americans do. >> the president strongly believes that you cannot, after the decade of an astounding squeeze on the middle class, that was followed by the worst recession in our lifetime, since 1929, that we cannot afford to raise taxes on the middle class. we should make that permanent. >> reporter: asked about the recovery summer that never was, goolsbee said americans can expect to see the high unemployment rate to continue for some time. currently 9.6% and he said he's not sure what the unemployment rate will be at the end of the year. in washington, julie kurtz, fox news. 11 minutes past the hour now on this monday morning. a top terror expert said the u.s. may be going after al-
8:12 am
qaeda all wrong. find out how the author of revolt against al-qaeda thinks we should be fighting the group. forget about planning for college. some financial experts say you need to start planning now for your kids' retirement. we'll get some advice ahead this hour. and kennedy so worked up and now he has to take a nap because he's so excited showing off his burgundy and gold. we'll be right back. thkeac ceusme
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
back now at 8:15 as we take a live look from forestville, maryland, where a group of drivers and mechanics are on strike against the bus, the public transit system. they are not happy about working conditions, wages and job security. we are not hearing that it is having any significant impact on bus operations. we'll keep an eye on it and let
8:16 am
you know if there are disruptions this morning. and 8:14 and tucker has the forecast plus -- the time for the my first 5 photo of the day. >> this is -- i don't know who this is -- this is 4-year-old avery. >> avery is on the side. >> there she is. this is 4-year-old avery with a big prize she won at king's dominion. >> and looking so cute. >> look at that beautiful smile on her face. >> i wonder how she got it home. because we were just down there at king's dominion and the funniest thing was in the parking lot for everyone to stuff these prize news their parking lots. >> might have to tie that one to the roof. >> mom and dad will get it home just fine. >> with those little pigtails she is cute. >> super cute. to send us your child's
8:17 am
picture, go to and i've never won an animal at any of those. one day. >> it will get better. >> i'm a little bit upset about it. i put a lot of money into it, steve. >> keep trying. you'll get that ring around the about thele sometime. >> that's what they tell me. let's get to the weather. and we have fog out there out to the west. dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning and some cool temperatures, fall-like out there. 57 in frederick. 57 in winchester. 52 for you in fredericksberg. and 64 down at patuxent naval air station. i know it doesn't look like it right now, but it will be a sunny and bright afternoon with a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures moving in. not at this hour, still have the low-lying fog out there. but that will get a chance to burn off as the sun gets a chance to warm up the atmosphere. we have winds out of the west and it should be a bright and sunny afternoon and that will lead to a couple of gorgeous days around here with high temperatures each afternoon in the upper 70s and low 80s. overnight lows from the 50s and 60s. and no rain in sight here. we picked up needed rain
8:18 am
yesterday and now we're talking about dry conditions for the next couple of days. you can see out to the west, very quiet conditions out into the ohio valley. here is your five-day forecast. 83 this afternoon and there is the nice stretch. 80 tomorrows, upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow. next chance of rain shower activity arrives on friday. now let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. tucker, still a busy commute out there on the highways, traveling around town in the fog. so allow extra time. coming through southeast washington, at pennsylvania avenue, stalled bus at the right. into montgomery county, this is a live shot of 270 south of 124, montgomery village avenue. out of the fog this morning. still below speed toward 370, delays toward the lane divide. no incidents on 29 leaving white oak to four corners. east of 50 fair oaks you'll find traffic congested toward 123 and the beltway.
8:19 am
westbound 236, checking for a crash there. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well the united states has been on a krause aid against al- qaeda for nearly a decade now. but a new book says we're going after the terror organization the wrong way. howard clark is -- has a new book out next month called revolt against al-qaeda. background includes intelligence work at the department of homeland security and two deployments to iraq as a marine. thank you for being with us. and i want to talk about the news of the day and the whole koran controversy. something like this, how does it feed into the notions overseas on the arab street, if you will, about the west. >> well this is the kind of thing that al-qaeda wants. al-qaeda wants to be connected with islam. they want to represent muslims. when in fact al-qaeda has nothing to do with islam.
8:20 am
and so the more we look at mosques and the media and individuals around the country who may not be educated to islam, see mosques as somehow representing al-qaeda and extremism, that is a step backwards. and as general patraeus has said and the president said, it does put our troops in harm's way and gives them a hard time when they are trying to make a liason with other afghanistan counterparts. >> in the book you talk about -- the main nugget of the become is we're going after al- qaeda the wrong way. what is that the wrong way and what can we do to stop the organization? >> the first thing is we have to define the terrorism organization in the correct way. and so i redefine it as a media organization. what they do is they sit back and they're able to inspire others to do their bidding. they work off their narrative and in spire other district groups and lone wolves as we saw a spike last year in the homeland to do their work.
8:21 am
and then we leverage natural resources away from just killing terrorist leaders, which is like mowing the lawn, they'll be replaced and leverage the natural assets toward strength and competing networks. you want every muslim around the world from trinidad to tobago, to become an impermissible environment for al-qaeda. >> how does the internet role play as well? we had another guest that said the first rumblings of this florida pastor was him putting out tweets. how big of a role does that play? >> huge. they are able to inspire rond om people here and there, especially in the united states where they are focusing now. and also the battlefield on which they could be defeated. it's a great way to start to
8:22 am
undermine them. it offers ambiguity and anonymity, and instant worldwide access to people and anyone interested in extremism is put their message out on the internet. it's how al-qaeda started in 1998 and from then on, that's been their focus. and one of the reasons is because if they write literature, they're more likely to get caught. >> let me ask you about -- we've seen the images, very disturbing, of young boys especially getting indoctrined with the message about hate and the west and americans. how do you go in there and fight it. and you said we're mowing the lawn talking about some of the leaders, but it's being born over and -- bourne over and over and in doctrined into some of the young people. how do we fight that? >> i would say don't fight against anti-westernism or anti- americanism, which is rampant in the e.u.
8:23 am
and south america as well. and al-qaeda do not represent islam. they are not muslims. al-qaeda is inhuman. they kill people want only. and they're against the idea of tribes and this is very important in eastern afghanistan and western iraq and southern somalia for example. so ultimately, it's a negative campaign. you want to turn people away from al-qaeda. >> and if i had time i would ask you how do we turn our own countrymen around to let them know that being a muslim is not the same thing as that extremistoidowd -- idea out there. and you can read it and the betrayals of some of the people that we report on also in here. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> steve, over to you. 8:23 right now on this monday morning. d.c. police being criticized after an officer shot and killed a dog during the adams morgan day festival. more on that when we come back.
8:24 am
and september is national emergency preparedness month and so this morning we're getting tips on how to make sure your home and family are safe. that's coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
new this morning, police in fairfax county are investigating a homicide in springfield overnight. they got a call about a home invasion in the 6800 block of field master drive just after 10:00. the attacker did break into the home but detectives now say there was to robbery. we're learning more about a murder mystery on crawford play on minnesota avenue. a man said he was shot this morning and when they got there he was dead. so far no motive and no suspect. some scary moments at the adams morgan's day festival. two dogs got into a fight on a crowded street. this happened on 18th street yesterday afternoon. witnesses say a pit bull pounced on a poodle. both dogs reportedly bit at least one person. eventually a police officer stepped in and shot and killed the pit bull. mayor fenty said the officer was justified in the shooting. it's 8:27 now.
8:28 am
coming up, we'll check out other stories making headlines. and highlights from last night's mtv awards. and voting is how open for the high school football game of the week. your choices this week are on your screen. to vote go to and click on sports. we'll be live at the winning match-up on thursday. stay with us. nc ♪ ♪ i thought it was over here...
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well tucker is joining us now. and tucker has a look at the forecast. >> kind of foggy out there right now. but don't despair, we'll have sunshine this afternoon. and we'll have warmer temperatures. back into the 80s today. i know it's cloudy and cool yesterday but it's summery today and that will set us up for a nice workweek. fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. fog here in town but we're not
8:32 am
under the advisory. the worst out to the west where visibility has been a quarter mile or less near. dulles is an 8th of a mile. there is not a lot of wind out to the west and we got the rain yesterday and that combination leading to early morning fog. and once we get it out of here, it should be a brighter looking day and warmer as well with high temperatures into the low 80s. 64 at reagan national. cooler underneath the fog. frederick is 59, hagerstown is 56 and in winchester, 60. off to the east we go. annapolis 64 and leonardtown 69. a comfortable start. might need a light jacket and then short sleeves in order as temperatures should feel good. a little bit of low-lying cloud cover there. you can't pick it up on the radar but it's there. cold front will reinforce the weak, dry air around here for the week and other than that it
8:33 am
should be bright and sunny. mostly sunny by afternoon. 83 degrees the afternoon high. so it will feel great. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. and september bringing nice weather. tomorrow 80 degrees. 78 on wednesday. thursday and friday look fine. although we could have some shower -- needed shower activity by friday with highs about 80 degrees. that's a look at the weather. allison, back to you at the desk. over the weekend a florida pastor said they will not today, not ever burn a koran even if a mosque is built near ground zero. this story has made headlines and pollster scott rasmussen looks at how it could impact relationships around the world. good morning to you. >> good morning, allison. >> we'll look at three polls. two of them related and one we're always thinking about, but let's start with the relationships that we enjoy now as far as the perceptions with muslims worldwide. you did a poll and 39% of those
8:34 am
polls say that u.s. relationships with muslims worldwide will be worse in the next decade. tell us about that one. >> well people expect our relationship with the muslim world will be getting worse as time goes on. only 12% think it will be better. and this is a pretty stark contrast to a year ago. president obama made his reach out to the muslim world and 28% thought that the relationship would improve but now only 12% still hold that optimistic view. >> a level reached only twice before after failed terror attacks. >> that's right. >> and moving on to what has to be related, 71% of those polled said another 9/11 event is likely in the next decade as well. 39% say very likely? >> yes. and one of the things we're seeing, 47% of americans say
8:35 am
we're safer now than we were before 9/11 but 37% disagree. there is still a weariness about all of this. the only thing that has changed a lot, right after 9/11 attacks america says our nation changed for the better. they love that surge of patriotism and sense of community. now only 11% think the u.s. has changed for the better since the 9/11 attacks. >> and looking more now at national issues with global implications. we're talking about the economy. and you asked people what they thought of the job that the president was doing. and 48% say that they would give him poor marks on the economy. >> that's right. 36% say he's doing a good or excellent job. 48% say poor. obviously the economy is a big issue in this election season. it's more than just the economy heading in a bad direction. people don't like the policy choices that are being offered. 61% say that it would be better to cut government spending and
8:36 am
deficits rather than taking a look at the president's new $50 billion infrastructure program. only 28% like the president's proposal. >> and also bipartisan peg here, 62% of democrats say that the president is doing a pretty good job? >> yeah. and there are certain things out there that if we said the sky is blue and the republicans agreed and the democrats wouldn't. and there is that partisan edge. most democrats trust the president more than their own. but most republicans say they know more about the economy than the president does. >> scott rasmussen, thank you so much, scott. >> thank you, allison. a key clue in what caused the massive explosion and fire in california is headed our way here to d.c. we'll have details coming up next. and if you're looking for work, check out our job shop. whole foods is looking for a
8:37 am
part-time florist. what a lovely job. for more information on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab at the top of our home page. it is 8:36. we'll be right back.
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8:40 am
people whose homes burned in the massive gas explosion are finally getting a look at the damage. they were forced out four days ago. when a natural gas pipeline ruptured. this morning investigators are shipping a 28-foot piece of the pipeline here to the district for analysis. four people died in the blast, but that number could go up as more bodies are found over the weekend. meanwhile, the state of california is telling pacific gas and electric to inspect all of its gas lines. and in colorado, there is a second wildfire burning this morning. it's destroyed at least one home and forced hundreds of people to evacuate. fire crews had to be diverted to this fire near loveland from the other wildfire 35 miles away burning near boulder. boulder fire destroyed nearly 160 homes. they believe the boulder blaze was sparked when someone left a fire pit unattended. long time political analyst who has made a number of appearances here on fox 5 has
8:41 am
died. ronald w. walters passed away over the weekend at the age of 72. he's being remembered as a scholar at howard university and the university of maryland. he led the first lunch counter sit-in back in 1958. it's 8:40 on this monday morning. forget about planning for your kids' college, just for now. >> some financial experts say you need to start planning for your kids' retirement. tips on how to do that coming up. and you have to be prepared in case there is another huge emergency. remember we celebrated -- or just pasted the 9th anniversary of 9/11. coming up in a minute, we'll give you a tour of this. this is the emergency operations center in fairfax county. if there is a huge emergency, this is where all of the officials will come together to coordinate. we'll give you a tour when fox
8:42 am
5 morning news. stay with us.
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8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back. well hurricane igor could strengthen into a category five storm today. right now it's a four with winds of 150 miles per hour. that's not the only trouble out there. tropical storm julia developed over the weekend and could become a hurricane this week as well. that's disturbing. we hope it loses all of its steam. >> or stays out in the ocean and doesn't come near land. well there is no indication of course that the storms will hit land. but it's never too early to prepare for the worst. >> september is the national emergency preparedness month and matt acland getting a close eye on what is happening at the mcconnell public transportation and safety operations center in fairfax. >> reporter: you're right. if a hurricane should come this way, this is the place where everything will be coordinated
8:46 am
out of if it is a danger. this is the emergency operation center here in fairfax county. i want to introduce you to suleman brown who runs this area. very high-tech. the first thing i thought when i walk in is wow. you say it's been up and running a couple of times since it was put together probably two years ago. say a hurricane come this is way and you acts straight-- activate this center. >> we would bring in county agencies to help us with the emergency hurricane. if you look to your right, this is our situational awareness room and that is where we bring our information to the facility and we have personnel to analyze that information and bring it to the floor. >> reporter: so basically the people on the ground, if there is a wide-scale emergency, that's where the info comes into, correct? >> that's correct. >> reporter: and then it is
8:47 am
passed into this larger room, correct? >> that's right. and that's where we would have representatives from the county -- depends on the circumstances. we might need to activate a shelter. it depends on the emergency and the type of person we would bring in. >> reporter: and east chair has a vest with a title on it. even animal protection over there. there seems to be a representative from every agency in the county, is that correct? >> that's correct. that's one of the reasons we have the management system. and our personnel on the field, our public safety personnel use it. so if they need to call back to the eoc they know who call back to because the jobs are the same. as far as animal protection, that is where we have a large- scale fire and we need to evacuate not only personnel but animals as well. we bring in that person to help
8:48 am
us evacuate the animals. >> and you have television monitors and you have information here as well. >> and the entire room is a situation awareness room where you are looking and getting information off the screens, talking on the phone, internet, all of those type of technologies. it you look to the west, we have the joint information center and that's where we sit and develop our plans for what we'll tell the media, memos to pass out to the media and accurate and timely information so our residents can watch tv and get the information. >> reporter: and you say most folks remember the big storms last winter. it worked quite well, you say. this place was up and running
8:49 am
for sometime. >> wee liked to call it snow mageddon. >> reporter: we did too. >> we activated the morning of the show, which was friday and then secured our eoc the following friday. we brought national guard up from virginia beach to assist our fire and police departments. >> reporter: thank you for the tour. we know you're well prepared and we'll talk to you in a bit. we're not done yet, we have another segment coming up in another hour and give you more of a tour of this place and talk about how you can volunteer. and also how you can be prepared at home in the event of another emergency. that's coming up in about an hour. we look forward to seeing you then. and here is a question for you. should you start planning for your child's retirement now? with the markel still trying to recover, it might be something
8:50 am
to consider. and starting now can help teach the importance of saving and secure long-term features. and with help on this is rick rogers, a financial planner and the author of the new approach to retirement planning. let's talk about this concept. i know a lot of us are having enough trouble planning for our own retirement and now you're saying let's not just do that, but the youngsters as well. >> it's important to learn to save and in vest and if we can instill that in children at a young age it will benefit thing in the -- benefit them in the long-term and the more beneficial retirement benefits can be. >> and let's start with the title of your book. when you talk with a three legged stool. what are you talking about. >> that was your pension, social security, and divide things into three legs. the first one being before tax,
8:51 am
and after tax and then tax deferred which is your 401k and ira. >> but if we focus just on the youngsters and if people have a child and want to start doing something and at what age should you plan for your child's retirement. >> some planners would argue at the moment of conception. as soon as you know you're having a child or planning to have a child, put a little bit of money on their way. and when you are starting, you almost don't earn anything. and you're not in a tax bracket at all. as soon as they have earnings, then try to fund a roth ira as quickly as possible. >> i think this is great advice. if you start something like a roth ira for the youngster, you're saying don't limit it to what they can save. if the parent contributes and they will probably quite a bit.
8:52 am
but set up an account where other people can contribute. >> and communicate that to them. a lot of people when they send out birthday invitations they put where they have a shopping count. and here is a list from toys "r" us. and why don't we make a contribution to the child instead of spending it on toys, or get them a smaller toy and put some money away. >> how much can we again fit now. i know you run the numbers, but what can we expect if we start young planning for the child. because we know the longer you invest and hopefully we have a long run of making some money, but it can add up over time. >> $100 a year turns into millions and it doesn't seem like where things are today but a small amount goes a long way. >> and over 0 years, we're talking about retirement there but if you're you canning that
8:53 am
about somebody that is 6 or 7 years old, you can earn more on the 40 years. >> absolutely. that's like figuring a 10% return and if the $100 increases, he could talk about a substantial amount of money. >> and in a perfect world you would try to maximize these accounts and they're not going to come up with $5,000 a year to put into a account. does it matter how much and if you want to start small, throw in $100 when you can, is there a certain type of account you can look for? >> the best thing is a phytyl -- a mutual fund account. that would be $1,000. and this are funds that could be less than 1,000. but after you've met the minimum, then they will accept $100 or more. and time again is on their side and we're not worried about the ups and downs of the market. and in terms of the habit, save
8:54 am
every time you get birthday money or clean the garage and get $10, put it into the savings account and then after it accumulates, give them the habit. >> if we wait to try to make that one big investment we spend it before we get to that. >> you're right. >> we'll put more information online at our website at taking a short break. back with more fox 5 morning news after this.
8:55 am
[ male announcer ] it's ram truck season. and the 60-day handshake lives on that five-finger bond that communicates trust, honor, follow-through, and follow-up. it's a promise that says go ahead and buy a ram 1500 or a heavy duty without a payment for 60 days. and if it doesn't do everything you ask it to do... bring it back. ram.
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8:57 am
a star stud add fair at the video music awards in los angeles. let's look at the winner. best female winner of video went to lady gaga. best new artist, justin beiber and the video of the year once
8:58 am
again bad romance from lady gaga. lady gaga took home 8 awards and showed her support for gay rights. she walked the red carpet with the service record to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy. one man who testified in the federal challenge to don't ask don't tell and david hall an air force staff sergeant who was discharged under the policy. now 8:58 and that will do it for this hour of fox 5 morning news. we'll turn things over to allison and sarah to take us up until the next hour. here are some stories we're working on for you this morning in the 9:00 hour. mosque controversy in new york continues. now just about half an hour the imam spearheading the mosque and cultural center addressed new york city and we'll tell you what he had to say. plus she's a fiery advocate for victims on her nhl show and
8:59 am
now nancy grace ism -- is coming to fox 5. and we'll see about her new show that debuts here this afternoon. and the redskins pull off a win against the cowboys and dave ross will join us with a little monday morning quarterback action. stay tuned for that and everything else coming up in the 9:00 hour. and the other big story is this fall weather, football weather. that's what i think of when i feel these kind of temperatures. >> and we certainly had that weather yesterday. tucker barnes joining us with a look at what we can expect today. a little warmer today, right, tuck? >> high temperatures in the 20eu8s -- in the 80s, today, and sarah, the weather is always the story. let's get to it. fog advisory set to expire in moments. so we still have dense fog off to the west, dense visibility of less than a quarter of a mile in some spots. temperatures cool under the

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